Beer: My Newest Love…

A few short years ago I turned the ripe old age of 19! I remember ordering my first drink; a Strawberry Daiquiri! For the first 4 years or so of my legal drinking days I would only ever touch hard liquor mixed with something extremely sugary. I didn’t particularly like the taste of alcohol, especially not beer.

However, I slowly graduated from sugary drinks to wine which is when I started to feel like a real grownup. Like a fine wine, your taste buds improve with age and I finally began to try Coors Light or Michelob Ultra… beer was finally tasting not so bad.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2014 that I started to indulge in craft beer. My boyfriend had taken a job contract in sunny Florida, in a place called St. Petersburg (I recommend visiting if you haven’t been)! We did the long distance thing for about a year and a half so I had the pleasure of visiting St. Pete many times while he lived there.

The place that really made me fall in love with craft beer was 3 Daughters Brewing! Let me tell you nothing felt better than drinking a local beer with the guy I loved while playing a competitive game of giant Jenga! Now I may have been feeling nostalgic because I was on holiday but we really had a great time trying out new places to drink craft beer. It became a regular date-night and we started to feel like connoisseurs, so when he finally moved back to Canada we continued the tradition.

Me focused and WINNING at Jenga!

We’ve discovered that craft beer has started to gain popularity in Canada and Craft Breweries have been popping up everywhere! Hamilton and Toronto are full of great gems, but those are only a few cities where you can find great beer. Over the last few months my love for beer has grown and I’ve been to beer festivals, breweries, brewpubs and open houses diving into the wonderful world that is CRAFT BEER and I want to share it all with you! I’ll be keeping you updated on some of my favourite spots & brews and let you know where and when the next event is taking place. Stay tuned…



Photo Cred: Featured Image (Pint) 



10 thoughts on “Beer: My Newest Love…

  1. Oh Buddy

    I too LOVE beer so am excited to follow your blog! There used to be a bar/restaurant in Gore Park called Chesters – Beers of the World and my co-workers and I used to head there on Fridays after work. There was nothing better than going through the menu, tasting some of the hundreds of beers available.

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