Crafty in the City of Hamilton!

Collective Arts Brewing

If you haven’t heard of Collective Arts, go.

Collective Arts Logo
Collective Arts Logo

Located at 207 Burlington St. East, Hamilton- Collective Arts has quickly become one of my favourite craft brewers for a couple of reasons. The obvious of course is the beer (that’s why we’re here, the beer tastes great- make sure you try: Saint of Circumstance)! But more importantly I’ve come to love the entire concept behind the brewery.

Like it’s title- Collective Arts supports  a collection of different emerging artists. Every bottle features a different label with awesome artwork created by artists across North America & even the UK! The artwork is unique and rotated every few months, making your typical bottle of “Canadian” feel quite boring next to these vibrant and unique bottles (Pretty cool right?).

Collective Arts are not only supporters of artists’ graphics, but also supporters of musicians and filmmakers whom they feature regularly on their website and Blog. If you’re interested in submitting some of your artwork or music and becoming a featured artist at Collective Arts click here to see how and what it could mean for you!

Collective Arts
Collective Arts Open House! Some onlookers checking out the Artwork featured on the beer bottles. Go to their Events Page to check out more pictures from the event.

Finally they have a great space!  They have a small tasting room where you can sample and buy beer, chat with other beer lovers, and they offer tours so you can get a behind the scenes look at the brewing process. They also have a large event space for launch parties and open houses, and act as a perfect venue for bands to perform. It has all the elements and unique qualities for a perfect Brewery!

*** Editor’s Note: Collective Arts Beer is sold at both the LCBO & Beer store! *** (Edited February 8th, 2016)



Have you been to Collective Arts? Tell us about your experience!

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