There’s a New Brew in Town…

This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Shawn & Ed Brewing ( Also known as S & E Brewing Co.) a new brewery located in Dundas Ontario. I was especially excited to visit this brewery because it’s so close to home and Dundas is such a great little town!

The building is a historic landmark in Dundas and has a long history dating back to the 1860’s when it was  first used as a Curling & Skating Rink. The building has had many other functions over the years serving as a garage space, a manufacturer for washing machine parts, and as a furniture store.The space is stunning and the owners have done an excellent job maintaining the character of the building, making it the perfect space for a brewery:



The brewery offered 4 types of beer to choose from, their LagerShed selections: Original, Lighter, Darker and their BarrelShed selection which is gently aged in wine barrels. Naturally I tried all 4…the Darker was my favourite!

The focus of the Brewery of course is to produce a great quality beer. They have a retail store at the front entrance where you can purchase beer, and of course a bar for tasting! There is no kitchen at S & E Brewing Co. however I was thrilled that they had support from the Gorilla Cheese food truck for the opening weekend! I don’t know if a food truck will be a permanent fixture at the brewery  but the grilled cheese here was phenomenal, and the perfect pairing for beer! (We had the Zesty Mordant…Doritos & jalapenos….say what? AMAZING)


I’m excited to see how well S & E Brewing Co. does in Dundas. Opened just in time for those hot summer days;  a large venue  to produce the beer, you can  certainly expect to see S & E Beer at local bars, the Beer Store & LCBO very soon!

Good Luck you guys!

Editors Note: This post only highlights Sunday April 2nd of the opening weekend at S&E Brewing co.

3 thoughts on “There’s a New Brew in Town…

  1. max

    Your story is not complete. There was another food truck that was there during there opening weekend. Southern Smoke Food Truck was there on Saturday


    • craftyinthecity

      Hi max! Thank you, and I’m so sorry I missed them, I love Southern Smoke! I was unfortunately only able to go to one of the days (Sunday) of opening weekend at S&E so I didn’t have the chance to see them!


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