Craft Beer is More About Community than Competition

I saw something earlier this week that inspired me to write this post. It was a shout out from Collective Arts Beer congratulating Shawn & Ed Brewing Co. on their grand opening! Now normally you’d think that this would be bad for business or a threat because they’re direct competition…right? Not in the craft beer world. One of the things I’ve learned about craft beer over the last 2  years, and probably one of the things I love most about craft beer (besides the beer itself) is the  craft beer community.

Screenshot of Collective Arts Tweeting @lagershed

A few times on my beer adventures, I’ve noticed how supportive other breweries are towards one another. For example: on my most recent trip to Montreal we asked some workers from Le Saint Bock which breweries were good in town…and instead of boasting about how Saint Bock was the best, we were told about several other amazing places to check out. The same thing happened in Ottawa, Toronto, and again in Hamilton.The craft beer community is exactly that. A community.  That supports one another, and shares a passion and love for craft beer. Collective Arts Brewing and Nickel Brook Brewing even brew under the same roof!

The craft beer culture is different from your typical bar scene. Drunken riots are fewer and far between…instead you actually meet and talk to people about the beer, people who appreciate the craft and the atmosphere.It really is a great community to be a part of, and I’m happy to drink to that! Cheers!


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