For all the ladies who enjoy craft beer…

Okay this post is for the ladies…do you ever feel like beer is sometimes perceived as a “manly” drink, or going to have a “pint” is for the guys? Well fear not…Because A. that is definitely not the case, and B. there are TONS of women (including myself) who enjoy craft beer just as much as the guys. But if you do feel alone in this let me introduce you to the fabulous Society of Beer Drinking Ladies.


I  JUST stumbled across their website and got instantly excited! There is a huge community of women in the GTA… some of them brew, some merely get together to drink and celebrate beer! YAY!

The Society holds events otherwise known as “Bevies” on the last Friday of the month. You can buy tickets for the event and expect a fun night of mingling, dancing, buying some cool swag, and enjoying beer from great breweries with other ladies like yourselves!

You can also sign up to be a “volunbeer” which is another great way to meet beer lovers.Whether it be serving up beer, selling tokens, setting up or tearing down an event you are sure to be surrounded by other women who have the same interests in you! I recently signed up myself to be a “volunbeer” at their next event if there are still spots available. I’ll keep you posted!

Until next time…


Photo Cred: Society of Beer Drinking Ladies

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