Which Beer Glass is the right Beer Glass?

This past weekend I was at Rib Eye Jack’s in Burlington ( HUGE selection of beer btw…check out their drink menu). I ordered “Immodest” by Nickel Brook Brewery- (An extra strong beer that was pleasantly sweet with the right amount of hops and at a WHOPPING 9% alc!)

As I was reading the back label I noticed the suggestion of “Recommended Serving Glass: Chalice or Tulip”…(see below):

immodestry.pngThis led me to think about what beer glass was the right glass for each beer. I stumbled upon this helpful info-graphic at BrewReviewCrew.com to make figuring this out much easier:


And there you have it! Just like wine, certain beers are suited to a specific glass that will help bring out the right flavors of the beer. So instead of drinking from a can, or a bottle drink from a glass (the right one). It will taste much better, and you’ll look way cooler when you’re doing it right :).

Special Thanks to: CorrChilled for the creation of this handy info-graphic!








Earth Hour at Mill St. Brewery!

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of Earth Hour!

A movement that started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia when 2.2 million homes and businesses turned their lights off for one hour to make their stand against climate change. The movement has continued for the last 10 years and now over 7000 cities in 172 countries participate in the event.

If you’re looking for a fun way to join the movement and still enjoy a great brew, then head over to Mill St. Brewery in Toronto for their “Lights Out with Mill St. Brewery” event which will be held tonight starting at 8:30pm! The event will be a candle lit party with live acoustic performances! And better yet…every pint sold will donate $0.50 to Earth Day Canada!

Mill. Street is already such a cool place to visit.. and now officially cooler in my books! Way to go Mill Street!



Photo Credits: MillStreetEarthDay.com & EarthHour.org

Guinness is what’s trending on St. Patrick’s Day!

Ah St. Patrick’s Day…the holiday where everyone can be Irish for the day and are encouraged to drink excessive amounts of beer!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day I decided to check in to my UNTAPPD app to find out the top trending beers being consumed today:

1). Guinness Draught (Stout)

2). Smithwick’s Red Ale

3). Guinness Blonde American Lager ( Lager)

4). Nitro IPA (IPA)

5). Harp Premium Lager

6). Kilkenny Irish Draught (Cream Ale)

I’m sure it won’t surprise you that Guinness Draught is the #1 beer being consumed today! Imported from Ireland and known for it’s dark colour and bold taste Guinness is a popular beer worldwide and always associated with St. Patrick’s Day.

Because this is a “beer” holiday, I’ll keep this short and go out an enjoy some of these top beers!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day folks!



Beer on a Budget…

So lately I have been writing about several craft breweries and brewpubs that I’ve been to over the last 2 months. As much as it’s one of my favourite things to do it CAN get a little pricey. Luckily there is a large selection of craft beer available to purchase at the LCBO. So to save a little bit of money we cooked some homemade burgers and picked up a few beers from the LCBO to have at home.

There is quite a bit to choose from! I chose some different beers from some Ontario breweries to try…here are the results:

1). Hops & Robbers-Double Trouble Brewing  ( I have this one a 4.25 on Untapped!)

2). Downtown Brown –Amsterdam Brewing ( I gave this one a 4 on Untappd)

3). Crosswind Pale Ale – Lake of Bays ( I didn’t rate this beer, it was easy to drink but not my favourite. I enjoy a little more hops, but make sure to try out for yourself though; everyone’s tastes are different! The Untappd APP gives you an idea of how others rated this beer if you want some more reviews )

I encourage you all to try something new and support a local brewery 🙂

Time to get UNTAPPD with a little secret…

If you’re reading my blog you’re a craft beer lover. Now as I mentioned in my first post “Beer : My Newest Love” I am still fairly new to this whole beer thing. Usually when I am searching for a place to try beer I use good ol’ Google. Now don’t get me wrong- Google has literally every piece of information you could possibly need for you beer search, it searches nearby, gives ratings, reviews etc… Its awesome.

BUT I just recently discovered a really cool app JUST FOR BEER! ( and that it’s been around for a while…I told you I was new to this whole thing) Introducing…UNTAPPD. This little app is FREE (I’ve just downloaded it) and is going to be very useful on my beer adventures. I’ll give you a quick tour of the app and hopefully you download it for yourself if you haven’t already.

So let’s get started:

  • First of all the app is going to ask for your contact info…nothing is sacred anymore!
  • Secondly it’s going to suggest you find your friends ( You can see what you’re friends are drinking and what their favourites are…ADD ME Lindsay McCarroll ( brewlinds)

Please enjoy a series of screenshots from my phone taken directly from the the UNTAPPD app for your viewing pleasure…

Turn on your location services so you can see what’s near you!
If you’re not sure if a beer is going to be tasty and you’re too scared to order blindly- see what’s got the best rating!

and a I’ll leave you with a few more…


Here’s what “Nearby Beers” looks like!
This was my first rating! I talked about this particular brew in Montreal Part 1 & 2 a perfect score!

I encourage you to download this app for a really cool interactive way to rate, taste, and talk about beer! Add me in your friends search: Lindsay McCarroll- brewlinds so we can share our experiences!

See ya next time…

( Featured Image Photo Cred )

BRU Restaurant: Oakville Ontario

img_1809-1A few months ago during the Christmas season I was meeting up with some colleagues for our annual Christmas dinner in downtown Oakville. As I was walking towards the restaurant I couldn’t help but notice a quaint little place called “BRU” along the way which I hadn’t seen before.  Reading the name “BRU” to me implied beer, and seeing how cozy it looked from the outside made me put it on my list of places I needed to visit!

Well it’s now almost the end of February and I finally had a chance to visit this nice little place this past weekend.

BRU opened up in Oakville back in 2013 (I don’t spend a lot of time in Oakville so it’s no surprise that I hadn’t noticed it before). BRU supports over 15 Ontario breweries and premium imports and has six taps and thirty bottles.  ( I was right about the beer!) The restaurant itself had a cool ambiance and that ever-so popular shabby chic look with exposed brick walls, “weathered” tables and chairs. The restaurant is small and holds about 40 people but it was packed this past Saturday night.

Our server told us that they had 10 rotating draft beers and pointed to a chalkboard with the most recent list (this seems to be a trend I’ve noticed). They had a really nice selection of pub style food and they even had cocktails which they so cutely call “Brutails” made with different beer!


Here’s what we tried( The link to the menu isn’t working :(…sorry guys) :


  • Beer Battered Shrimp
  • Fish Tacos 
  • Brisket ( This was Amazing FYI!)
  • Chocolate Stout Cheesecake ( Also so good- and you could taste subtle hints of the coffee stout)


  • Clifford Pinball Wizard by Clifford Brewing ( American Pale Ale): This beer was not bad but it was VERY HOPPY so if you’re not a fan of hops it may not be for you!
  • St-Ambroise Apricot Wheat Ale – McAuslan Brewing: This beer had a very “clean” and fruity taste. You could certainly taste and smell the apricots…this one is not at all hoppy and was very easy to drink. I’d recommend it for a hot day!

Overall we had a pretty nice evening, good food, good atmosphere, good beer. Also an added bonus was that there was live music ( which is every Saturday) and get this… NO WIFI!!! It was specifically written on a board with a cheeky quote “We don’t have Wifi here….Pretend like it’s 1995 and talk to each other”. Which I must admit I kind of liked the lack of wifi because not one person was on their phone. So on that note… I’m going to unplug for the evening! Until next time…


La ville de Montréal! Part 2

Dieu du Ciel

Welcome back!

As promised here is Part 2 of my visit to Montreal with a visit to Dieu du Ciel. As Mentioned in Part 1  Moralité was the beer that took us here, and I’m so happy we did because they had an excellent beer selection (and probably the best Nachos I’ve ever tasted!)

There were a number a things I liked about Dieu du Ciel (besides the beer) and one of them was how awesome the staff were! We just so happened to arrive before anyone else so we had prime seating at the bar. About a half an hour later it got packed…like line-ups out-the-door-packed! If you have ever worked in the service industry- like I have…this is where panic sets in, the service starts to slow down and everyone is freaking out! Not here though. Everyone was so chill, calm and happy amidst the chaos. I was so impressed with the bar staff and the chef; everyone just seemed to be having a great time and were so relaxed…guests included. (By the way, all of the staff we encountered spoke both French & English… and if you don’t speak French don’t worry! After a few pints you start speaking French fluently!)

I loved this Brewery because you could see everything that was inside. What I mean by that is that there was no hidden kitchen, or back room where all the “magic” happened. Beside the bar was the brewing room concealed by glass windows so you could see everything. You could see the vats of  beer and there was even chalkboard listing what was currently tapped, and what was still in the fermentation process. There was also NO kitchen (but how did you have the most amazing Nachos ever you ask?) Behind the bar there was 1 chef, a mini oven and a panini press…that’s it. It was so simple but the food tasted and looked fantastic; it was all that you needed because the main focus was the vibe and the beer.

Rosee d’hibiscus

Finally, we indulged in some beer! We ordered a few flights, and set up shop here for several hours so the pints were flowing. Of course we ordered a few Moralité’s, but one of the other beers I REALLY enjoyed was Rosée D’hibiscus. First of all I loved the colour of this beer! I’ve never seen a beer with such a lovely pink colour. The beer had a very sweet & floral smell, but not overpowering, and the taste was just how it smelled, yet it still tasted like beer as opposed to a fruity flowery drink (this was one I also wanted to take home with us 😦 ).

We really fell in love with everything about this brewery, so we were delighted when one of the awesome bartenders filled us in on a FUN FACT that  former Dieu du Ciel Brewer, Luc “Bim” Lafontaine will be opening his own Brepub in Toronto likely by the end of 2016! YAY!!

I’ll try to keep you posted on news of this story as it progresses! Until next time…


For Dieu du Ciel’s beer menu click here.

La ville de Montréal! Part 1

Le Saint Bock

So last week I neglected my blog, I promise though for good reason! I went to Montreal for the Valentine’s/Family Day long weekend and I needed to finish a bunch of homework and errands so that I could actually enjoy the trip! Enough Excuses.

Well I’m back now and I had a great time and I got to try some new beer that I’d like to share with you!

My boyfriend and I had visited the Notre Dame Cathedral our first morning, and when we were finished we needed to find a place to warm up ( it was MINUS 30 degrees!!!) Thanks to Google Maps we came across Le Saint Bock located about a 15 minute walk from the Cathedral. One of the first things we noticed was that we weren’t given menus. Instead the server referred us to a digital board in several places around the pub and told us that the menu changes so frequently that they don’t have print menus. He told us we could check out the boards or go directly on their website for the full list of beer.

Digital menu
Their coasters had a bar code that linked directly to their menu too. I thought this was pretty cool.

Once we had the opportunity to scan the menu we ordered a flight of beer. ( Now for those of you who are not familiar…a flight is set of several different beers, usually mini tasters of beer that are usually served as a set of 3, 4, 5, or 6.) This is one of my favourite ways to order beer because it lets you try a smaller sample of the beer before you decide to order a full pint or a pitcher. If you’re indecisive like me, order a flight!

A beer tower! (I’ve never seen a flight served like this!

The beer was numbered according to the number on the menu which made it very easy to double check what we were drinking. My two favourite beers we tried were:

1). Malediction – Le Saint Bock This was a Milk Stout. I have never been one to drink stout but I’d certainly drink this one again! It was sweet and chocolaty, not too heavy, and had no funky aftertaste. It was the perfect winter warmer for such a cold day!(If you ordered a pint it was garnished with a Marshmallow!:) )

2). Moralite – Dieu de Ciel (IPA) This beer was so good! It had the perfect amount of sweetness & citrus flavours that I love in a beer. We loved this beer so much that we wanted to buy some to take home. (Sadly we couldn’t. You have to physically visit the brewery or brew pubs that sell it in order to drink it…we overheard a brew tour next to us crushing our dreams.) So instead we decided that Dieu du Ciel would be our next brewery stop!

We will certainly be going back to Montreal to visit Le Saint Bock and I recommend that you go too! Thanks for reading, be sure to check out Part 2 of our Montreal journey for more on Dieu du Ciel…

Crafty in the City of Hamilton!

Collective Arts Brewing

If you haven’t heard of Collective Arts, go.

Collective Arts Logo
Collective Arts Logo

Located at 207 Burlington St. East, Hamilton- Collective Arts has quickly become one of my favourite craft brewers for a couple of reasons. The obvious of course is the beer (that’s why we’re here, the beer tastes great- make sure you try: Saint of Circumstance)! But more importantly I’ve come to love the entire concept behind the brewery.

Like it’s title- Collective Arts supports  a collection of different emerging artists. Every bottle features a different label with awesome artwork created by artists across North America & even the UK! The artwork is unique and rotated every few months, making your typical bottle of “Canadian” feel quite boring next to these vibrant and unique bottles (Pretty cool right?).

Collective Arts are not only supporters of artists’ graphics, but also supporters of musicians and filmmakers whom they feature regularly on their website and Blog. If you’re interested in submitting some of your artwork or music and becoming a featured artist at Collective Arts click here to see how and what it could mean for you!

Collective Arts
Collective Arts Open House! Some onlookers checking out the Artwork featured on the beer bottles. Go to their Events Page to check out more pictures from the event.

Finally they have a great space!  They have a small tasting room where you can sample and buy beer, chat with other beer lovers, and they offer tours so you can get a behind the scenes look at the brewing process. They also have a large event space for launch parties and open houses, and act as a perfect venue for bands to perform. It has all the elements and unique qualities for a perfect Brewery!

*** Editor’s Note: Collective Arts Beer is sold at both the LCBO & Beer store! *** (Edited February 8th, 2016)



Have you been to Collective Arts? Tell us about your experience!

Beer: My Newest Love…

A few short years ago I turned the ripe old age of 19! I remember ordering my first drink; a Strawberry Daiquiri! For the first 4 years or so of my legal drinking days I would only ever touch hard liquor mixed with something extremely sugary. I didn’t particularly like the taste of alcohol, especially not beer.

However, I slowly graduated from sugary drinks to wine which is when I started to feel like a real grownup. Like a fine wine, your taste buds improve with age and I finally began to try Coors Light or Michelob Ultra… beer was finally tasting not so bad.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2014 that I started to indulge in craft beer. My boyfriend had taken a job contract in sunny Florida, in a place called St. Petersburg (I recommend visiting if you haven’t been)! We did the long distance thing for about a year and a half so I had the pleasure of visiting St. Pete many times while he lived there.

The place that really made me fall in love with craft beer was 3 Daughters Brewing! Let me tell you nothing felt better than drinking a local beer with the guy I loved while playing a competitive game of giant Jenga! Now I may have been feeling nostalgic because I was on holiday but we really had a great time trying out new places to drink craft beer. It became a regular date-night and we started to feel like connoisseurs, so when he finally moved back to Canada we continued the tradition.

Me focused and WINNING at Jenga!

We’ve discovered that craft beer has started to gain popularity in Canada and Craft Breweries have been popping up everywhere! Hamilton and Toronto are full of great gems, but those are only a few cities where you can find great beer. Over the last few months my love for beer has grown and I’ve been to beer festivals, breweries, brewpubs and open houses diving into the wonderful world that is CRAFT BEER and I want to share it all with you! I’ll be keeping you updated on some of my favourite spots & brews and let you know where and when the next event is taking place. Stay tuned…



Photo Cred: Featured Image (Pint)